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17 AUGUST 2022

AMP Decennial Convention to Gather Professionals to Discuss Strategies and Ideate Solutions for Issues of Concern to the Muslim Community

1. AMP Singapore will be organising its fourth decennial convention of Singapore Muslim professionals in October this year, where it will gather 500 professionals, practitioners, and activists to discuss strategies and ideate solutions for issues of concern to the Muslim community here. The AMP 4th National Convention, which will be held on Saturday 15 October 2022 at 8.30am at MAX Atria at the Singapore EXPO (1 Expo Drive, Level 2), follows three years of planning and preparation work involving multiple research studies, strategic conversations and ideation exercises organised since 2020. 2. Mr Lawrence Wong, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, will be gracing the event as Guest of Honour. 3. The Convention is an opportunity to gather Muslim professionals especially young and emerging professionals to be involved in the ideation of solutions for the community and harness their potential, considering the larger proportion of youths amongst Singapore Muslims. Of interest to younger professionals would be two youth-centred themes that will be highlighted at the Convention, namely youth leadership and succession planning in Community and Muslim organisations (CMOs) and mental health and economic issues affecting Muslim youths. 4. Research comprising in-depth interviews conducted for the Convention shows that there is a perception among youths that the older generation of leaders are reluctant to provide leadership opportunities for youth in CMOs while the role of women in board positions are often perceived as tokenistic in nature. 17 August 2022, prCSC/06-22/ Page 2 of 5 5. Research also showed that mental health issues among youths may be intertwined with socioeconomic ones. The perceived cost of seeking professional help, lack of knowledge and awareness of relevant sources of help and lack of empathy by social service providers are some of the challenges that youths face when seeking help for mental health issues. 6. Among the issues that will be raised at the Convention include gaps in the provision of social assistance to address mental health and low-income challenges, and the development of youth and women leaders in CMOs, which affect the future of the community. 7. The 4th Convention will differ from previous Conventions as it will adopt a human-centred design thinking approach for the first time ever. Through this approach, the Convention will look at issues from the perspective of four personas pertinent to the long-term development of the community, namely youths, community advocates, families and seniors. Panels looking into these personas have been established, comprising professionals from different backgrounds to lend their expertise in identifying issues that concern these personas and to facilitate the ideation process for strategies and solutions to these issues. The full list of panel members can be found in Annex A. 8. Registration for the Convention will open on Thursday 1 September 2022. More details will be shared on the Convention social media channels on Instagram and Facebook – and 9. AMP Singapore organises a national convention every decade and dedicates it as a platform for local Muslim professionals to discuss new strategies that can propel the Muslim community in Singapore towards greater success. Each convention has resulted in significant solutions that have been critical to the development of the Singapore Muslim community, including the formation of AMP in 1991, a year after the first Convention was held. As a platform, the Convention offers opportunities for critical discourse on issues relevant to the community, which is reflective of AMP’s consultative and collaborative approach. The 1st Convention was held in 1990, the 2nd Convention was held in 2000, while the 3rd Convention was held in 2012. END 17 August 2022, prCSC/06-22/ Page 3 of 5 ANNEX A AMP 4TH NATIONAL CONVENTIO

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